CSA offers seminars and workshops on various topics and we can also design seminars to fit your training needs. We can bring these seminars right to your organization. We have pool of experts and practitioners who can facilitate your training on the following topics:

  1. Basic Fundraising and Resource Mobilization
  2. Fundraising as A Ministry—Partner Care
  3. Biblical Stewardship—The Foundation for all Generosity
  4. Governance and Non-Profit Managemen
  5. Managing Money God’s Way
    5.1 Personal Money Management (Budgeting, Saving, Investing)
    5.2 Financial Accountability for Non-profit Organizations
  6. Starting and Organizing a Non-profit organization
    6.1 Complying with Legal Requirements for Non-profits
    6.2 Vision Casting and Strategizing for a start-up enterprise
  7. Writing Grant Proposals
  8. Using Social Media in Marketing Your Organization and events
  9. Steward Leader Development
  10. How To Increase Giving in Your Church

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  1. Dear Zenet,

    How are you? ?I tried calling your office several times. I spoke with Jocelle and inquired if CSA offers special discount for NGOs. I now serve in ICM (

    I am interested to sign-up for this August’s course.

    Hope to catch-up with you soon.

    blessings 7X7,

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